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When you think about purchasing a new truck, style definitely plays a part. However, NOBODY wants to sacrifice function, warranty, or comfort for style anymore! While there are many options to choose from, the most popular truck modification is a lift kit. The issue with most lift kits is they drastically affect how your truck drives. Some of your more challenging issues are uneven wear on your tires, excessive wear and tear on your suspension, and worst of all, costly repairs that need to be made due to inadequate installation of some of the lift parts. But there is something you need to hear….. Great News! You have options! At some point along the line a couple of companies decided to pair with auto makers to install these lifts for you. Two of the more popular options being Rocky Ridge and Spyder. Let’s take a look at the two. You can see see a side by side image of the two styles of lifts comparatively in the pictures above^!

In the first Image we have the Spyder Off Road on an older body style Ford F-150 whereas in the second we have a 2015 F-150 with the Rocky Ridge Altitude Package on it. Both companies offer a great look and accomplish the styling that any consumer may want. However! When it comes to overall style, performance, and benefits….. Rocky Ridge has this one in the bag. Upon closer inspection you can see that the F-150 on the right is just built better. Rocky Ridge offers a better Factory Similar ride suspension without having to tune any of the undercarriage parts. They are all replaced. Included in this particular package is a solid steel, powder coated front brush guard as well as a set of Fuel rims and Mickey Thompson Off Road tires. One of the major unseen differences is the Warranty backing offered by RR. Not only does your manufacturer’s warranty stay in tact, but as an added bonus you get a 3 year warranty on all parts installed by Rocky Ridge as well as FREE tire balancing and alignment every 5000 miles for 3 years or 36k miles. It is truly hard to compare any other installation to that of Rocky Ridge. As an added benefit, any Rocky Ridge modification can be done at the courtesy of an Authorized Dealer (*cough* Homer Skelton Ford *cough*) with a turn around of 8 weeks or less depending on the mod. Have any further questions or want to see one up close? Give Mr. Sweets a call!

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